Why Alertcys ?

The right solution for giving a voice to the members of your organization

A new law, new obligations.

Following a French reform, as of January 1, 2018, all companies and public institutions are required to provide a platform allowing their employees to launch alerts in strict confidentiality.

Alertcys Pro

For business

For all companies of at least 50 employees in French territory.
Alertcys Pro

For public institutions

For municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, the public institutions of inter-communal cooperation, the departments and the regions.

Companies, with the Alertcys platform, bailiffs help you to protect your alert launchers and improve confidence in your organization.

How does it work ?

Our trusted Partners

To ensure the perfect confidentiality of their alerts, whistleblowers are advised to use Tor.
The important elements of an alert are all listed in a blockchain. In accordance with the law, these elements may not be retained while still providing proof of their presentation.
Created in 2010 by Professors Karim Benyekhlef of the Université de Montréal and Fabien Gélinas of McGill University, the Cyberjustice Laboratory is a space for reflection and creation where justice processes are modelled and redesigned.
Syllex is an accelerator that aims to help start-ups by providing solutions for online justice improving and facilitating the technical, financial and legal security of each of the parties to a conflict.
Alertcys is a service proposed by the Professional section of judicial officers.

The rates

We take care of all alerts management for you and with you.

Alertcys Pro

A dedicated legal team

An experienced and sorted legal team will analyze all alerts transmitted to us, advise you and provide answers to these alerts.
Alertcys Pro

Specialized support

For certain difficult cases, we can support for your team with top specialists in crisis and alert management recognized for their technical, legal and communication skills.
Alertcys Pro

Professional confidentiality

This team is subject to professional secrecy. The contents of the alerts cannot be communicated to any third party, regardless of their identity.
Alertcys Pro

Legal safeguarding

You've processed your alert and wish to legally safeguard your procedure over time. You can request a report from the bailiff who will record all actions carried out.

Enjoy all these services for €300 per year and per institution